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Cleaning Equipment / May 8, 2021

Carpet CleanerA good carpet cleaner can help to restore the original glow to carpets and various other flooring surfaces. Optional cleaning parts provide additional value, and they help users to gain access to spaces that are difficult to reach. Deep cleaners use hot water with a cleaning solution to penetrate and sanitize surfaces.

Overview of Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are used in both residential and commercial settings. Professional cleaning equipment can help eliminate stains, spills, and dirt from carpets. Some carpet cleaners are specifically designed to penetrate difficult areas, and modern cleaners have electronic sensors that monitor the tanks. It is helpful to become familiar with the essential features of a carpet cleaner before shopping.


The pressure of the solution affects the depth of the cleaning.

Maximum Heat

High temperatures allow the cleaning solution to penetrate deeply into carpet fibers.

Tank Size

Tank sizes are around 10 gallons, but the size will vary with the model.

Unit Weight

Large commercial cleaners are around 80 pounds, and small cleaners can weigh as little as 5 pounds.


Many used cleaners are still covered by the original warranty.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaner

Steam carpet cleaners provide deep cleaning and shampooing for tough stains and spills. Carpet shampoo cleaners are easy to use, and they have the ability to lift dirt and debris from carpet fibers. They have the kind of power necessary to restore the appeal of commercial and residential carpets. The shampoo and hot water penetrates deeply into grungy carpets. The filters allow the unit to remain effective for long periods of time without excessive maintenance.

Vacuum Carpet Cleaners

Vacuum carpet cleaners are common for most household applications. Some of them are single units, and others have detachable hoses. Hybrid models are capable of cleaning floors as well as carpets, and advanced filtration units are extremely effective. Some vacuum cleaners still use traditional bags, but some models have eliminated the need for them. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is an important consideration for facilities with stairs. Detachable hoses and powerful filtration systems affect performance, and the adjustable height feature allows users to clean areas that are difficult to reach.

Carpet Steamers

Heavy-duty steam cleaners provide industrial-strength power for difficult jobs. Carpet steamers are effective for sanitizing dirty carpets as well as cleaning them. They can also help eliminate bedbugs and mildew. Carpet steamers create a solution that can get as hot as 220 degrees in order to penetrate the material. The solution is ideal for situations that require sanitizing as well as carpet cleaning. Powerful steam cleaners can provide up to an hour of continuous cleaning with the high-pressure solution engaged.

Carpet Sweepers

Although carpet sweepers predate vacuum cleaners, they remain ideal for light cleaning on thin carpets, rugs, and floors. These lightweight cleaners easily tuck into small storage spaces, and some models come with a detachable hand cleaner. Carpet sweepers have a long handle and a box at the base. Inside of the base are several rollers, brushes, and belts. As the sweeper is pushed forward, these parts collect dirt and debris. Many sweepers have a setting that can adjust the height of the unit to accommodate both carpets and flooring.

Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Cleaning a carpet can be easier when using the relevant cleaning accessories and supplies. Cleaning booties are ideal for preventing individuals from tracking debris from outside onto the floor surface. There are a variety of cleaning agents that provide different degrees of strength for tough stains. Other useful cleaning accessories include replacement parts for the carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner bags, cleaning pads, fiber cloths, cleaning brushes, and more.