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Carpet Cleaning / May 4, 2024

resolve carpet cleaner before and afterHaving three little ones with a very active lifestyle keeps me consistently on my toes and I’m ALWAYS cleaning. One thing that I do not suggest is carpet (especially light colored carpet) in high traffic areas of your home, but we moved in to a place that already had carpet installed so it was something we had to deal with. Even with a “stain resistant” carpet – the stains did not clean up as easily as it warranted and after years of spills, no matter what we did and how well we cleaned, the high traffic areas in our home were beyond cleaning despair – until now.

Upkeep of light colored carpet when you have little ones in the house is not necessarily difficult, but definitely a challenge and I found that my husband and I spent a lot of money on carpet cleaning products in the past that cleaned very small sections without issue but the follow up and keep up of it began to be expensive. At one point – we even discussed ripping the entire carpet out – but financially it wasn’t feasible. Recently my husband and I tested the that came with the Carpet Cleaner Gadget and a Foam Refill. The set retails at most stores like Walmart & Target for about $20 and in some cases cheaper and the replacement foam can retail for about $15.00 if purchased separately. I’ll be honest in saying that we really weren’t sure that the cleaner would work and I was not easily a believer.

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As you can see from the image below – our carpet really took a beating over the last few years. With spills from juice, milk, liquid like foods, snacks – you name it, it has definitely graced these floors. My husband and I have used various cleaning products prior to and only a few stains were removed, usually not enough to make a difference, especially in our very high traffic areas. With just one use of the Resolve Easy Clean Pro and Carpet Spray we were able to see a HUGE and very noticeable difference in how our carpet looked.