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Cleaning Equipment / January 11, 2021

  1. The Prospector PE5003 is a heavy-duty version of the standard PE500 and is designed to handle more aggressive cleaning tasks, such as heavily soiled carpet and minor hard surface cleaning. It features a dual, 3-stage vacuum motor for improved water recovery.

    • 0–500 PSI pump
    • 205 inches of water lift
    • 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • 2, 000-watt inline heater
    • Wand and hoses sold separately
  2. The PE1200 Prospector Extractor produces 1, 200 PSI—maximum power for superior hard surface cleaning. Plus, with auto fill and auto dump capability, you get constant working pressure from start to finish.

    • 400–1, 200 adjustable PSI pump
    • 170 inches of water lift
    • 99 CFM
    • Auto-dump and auto-fill for continuous operation
  3. The Prospector PE500 is designed to handle more aggressive cleaning tasks, such as heavily soiled carpet and minor hard surface cleaning. With an adjustable 0–500 PSI pump and 1, 750 watt inline heater, you get plenty of power and heat for blasting away tough dirt and grime.

    • 140 inches of water lift; 97 CFM
    • 1, 750 watt inline heater
  4. The Prospector PE150 is a great choice for basic carpet maintenance. Whether you own your own carpet cleaning business or are looking for an in-house machine to keep the carpet in your business looking great, we highly recommend the PE150.

    • 150 PSI pump
  5. The Samurai is great for janitorial services, in-house cleaning crews or those new to the carpet cleaning industry who are looking for maximum cleaning performance with a low initial investment.

    • Maximum performance with low initial investment
    • 100 PSI solution pump
    • Stainless steel, dual jet, "S" bend wand
    • 25-foot vacuum and solution hoses
    • Amazing 150 inches of water lift
  6. The Prospector PE300 is the ideal machine for the majority of carpet and upholstery cleaning tasks. With an adjustable 0-300 PSI pump, this machine has the power and heat you need to blast away tough soils and get surfaces clean.

    • 0-300 PSI pump
  7. The Prospector PE100 is a solid carpet extractor designed for straightforward cleaning and extraction. Whether you're new to the industry and want a high-quality machine for basic cleaning or whether you're an experienced veteran cleaner in need of a backup machine, the PE100 is a great choice.

    • 100 PSI pump
    • 140 inches of water lift
    • 97 CFM
  8. Power, durability, and heat—everything you need for all your cleaning jobs. The Ninja Warrior is a versatile, dependable portable that...