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Lease Carpet cleaning equipment

Cleaning Equipment / February 7, 2021

For industrial and commercial purposes, both truck-mounted and portable carpet cleaners are available. Portable carpet cleaners, also called portable extractors, are very popular among businesses because of their convenience and ease of use. Many carpet cleaning equipment machines are equipped with extra features such as: an adjustable water power switch, a circuit indicator light, and a pump "kill switch" designed to keep the pump from running dry. Due to these extra perks, carpet cleaning equipment financing a wise choice. And it pays to use a company experienced in building maintenance equipment leasing.

Crest Capital has been providing building maintenance equipment leasing to its customers for almost two decades, and we have specific experience in low-interest carpet cleaning equipment financing. We have a simple one-page application, low rates, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry – in fact, we can finance carpet cleaning equipment for you in a matter of hours. Contact Crest Capital today for further details about carpet cleaning equipment financing.