Nashville Carpet Cleaning - EverClean Carpet Cleaning of Nashville

Nashville Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning / October 28, 2022

They did an outstanding job in one of the rooms, where they spent extra time making sure to get a few spots out. The two other rooms were average, as numerous spots remained. Surprisingly, I don't recall their mentioning their inability to get the spots out when the left my house. Also, they were supposed to clean the carpet in a short hallway, but it was obviously not cleaned at all.
Of note, it appears they do not vacuum before they clean the carpets. So, where I had any pieces of solid material on the carpet (think stray popcorn kernels and the like), it remained when they left (though it was pushed to the edges).
I guess I expected more:
1. A thorough vacuuming first so the full floor of the room was clean
2. Spot removal in all rooms, or comments about where/why they were unable to remove spots
3. Consistent performance from one room to the next. It seemed they were focused on making the "nicest"/"most important" room look good, but didn't care as much about the rooms that are less high profile in the house.
If you hire them, my recommendations:
1. Be sure to walk through and discuss your needs before, and walkthrough with them after as well to ensure satisfaction
2. They obviously take pride in their work and were extremely professional and efficient. As long as you are able to establish clear expectations up front, I believe you won't be disappointed.

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