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Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning / October 7, 2022

WOW! My dog had runied my carpet in a guest room, and I was considering replacing the carpet. I decided to try Dr Chem Dry 1st and see what they could do. I couldn't be happier. The carpet looks and smells brand new. I will definitely be using them again. Kevin was very helpful and Knowledgable. A++

Andrew B., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

The carpets look great and they were fast. It is the best carpet cleaning job we’ve ever had.

Rob & Lanea C., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

Very happy with service. They did an excellent job in removing stains. I will put you in my phone directory for future use.

Juan C., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

Vicki P., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

They were very thorough, quick and polite. The carpets look great at both houses. Thanks for the same-day service, it must have been my lucky day.

Muriel, C., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

I was very impressed with Ryan’s crew. Everything looks terrific. I really am super happy with your work.

Deborah, R., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

It was wonderful, they really did an excellent job. I wish to really thank you again for the best service I’ve had all year.

Janice, AZ

Dr. Chemdry

Juan was very polite, nice and did an excellent job. He was a hustler. He got in and out of there without causing a headache or chaos. We’re thinking about doing every 90 days and want Juan for every job.

Don P., AZ

Dr. Chemdry

Ryan and Caleb did an amazing job on the carpets and were very professional and quick. You have won yourself a new dedicated customer!

Cecilia, AZ

Dr. Chemdry

Give Ryan and Caleb double Kudos. They did an excellent job and I will definitely have them back again.

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