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Truly Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning / October 12, 2022

15825 W Lake Goodwin Rd
Stanwood, WA 98292

(360) 386-1236

The best, most efficient carpet cleaning we've ever had... no hidden charges, no spot-cleaning fees, nothing extra involved; we got the quote and that's exactly what we paid. And yet the most caring, attentive service from a super friendly, professional who cares and literally gets down on hands and knees to deep clean every possible stubborn stain. Did I mention, my wife and I have 4 children, who, like most children, just see a floor to walk on... Moreover, and the main reason we will never use or go through anyone else, as advertised: SOFT & DRY!!! No waiting days for carpets to dry, no dirty hoses dragging through my house and no in and out service. Mike came in, explained the process and kept me informed along the way. I can honestly say, it was almost as if though I were dealing with a friend, yet first time I ever met the guy; now, he's got a customer for as long as he continues to clean carpets. Thanks, Soft & Dry!!! We couldn't be more happier!!!

Very happy with my carpets! The carpet looks good and we didn't have to wait for it to dry. Mike was very easy to work with and very professional. He will go out of his way to make things more convenient and easy for me. Very flexible when I had to reschedule our appt a few different times. I will definitely contact Mike again when it's time for another cleaning!

The before and after says it all! Very happy with this service. The carpets were dry right away

Michael was amazing. Very polite and professional. The product he uses is unheard of my carpet was completely dry when he was done.

Great customer service & great job by Soft & Dry Carpet Cleaning! I have not had my carpets professionally cleaned since we bought our new home since I was not confident in any of the other companies out there that do the same service. My home looks brand new again!

I was impressed by the stain removal. We had pet stains from over 7 years and his product got them out. It's an amazing technology, quiet, no hoses and leaves a fresh, clean smell. I'll be calling Michael for all our carpet cleaning from now on.

Awesome service, professional and flexible. Carpet is super clean and smells like cedar instead of a chemical storm. Quick and easy, reasonably priced, and no more doggy stank.

Mike did an awesome job on a foreclosure home my girl and I purchased. Carpets were beyond dirty and stained. He was beyond professional and took the time to do a quality job. We have 3 dogs too and was important to use pet friendly products and keep carpet dry. Worth every penny and highly recommend using him.

Outstanding quality work and customer service .. My carpets are the cleanest I have ever experience. Mike definitely has passion for what he does . Thank you so much mike and I will continue to use your services and refer you my friends and family ! Thanks again ! Chris ...

After getting to know Mike and understand his service, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He does a fantastic job when cleaning your carpets with a method that leaves your carpets dry when he is through. In addition to this great process, Mike himself is a man that clearly demonstrates integrity and someone that I trust in my home. That to me is the most important thing!

We were very overdue for a carpet cleaning! Mike with Soft and Dry Carpet Cleaning did a wonderful job on our carpets! Our 13 year old carpet looks like new. It was matted and stained and now it is fluffy and bright. All natural dry cleaning is very unique. We would highly recommend Mike and the Host method!

Soft and dry carpet cleaning is truly amazing. I was tired of having wet carpets after the traditional carpet cleaning. I was also tired of seeing stain re appear a couple of days after traditional cleaning. One afternoon I went to a friend's house, the the carpet cleaning guy was just leaving. I looked at my friends carpets and was amazed. Dry carpets, clean, and soft. I got the number and called . The technician was very professional, and flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend SOFT AND DRY to everyone.

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