Carpet cleaning Spanos park Stockton California - Yelp

Speed Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning / October 10, 2022

Stockton, CA 95207

(209) 475-9900

I couldn't be more pleased with their work! I decided to use Speed Dry from a co-worker suggestion. After seeing the work they did on the carpets at my work I knew I couldn't go wrong! They were quick, professional and the carpets came out better than they've looked in years. I've used Speed Dry twice and have nothing to complain about. The employees are kind, professional, efficient. I ask a ton of questions regarding process, procedures, and post care. The are extremely knowledgeable and have no problems answering my mirage of questions. The job they did was wonderful!! I have light carpet and my dirty dog is constantly rolling around leaving mud and dirt everywhere. Not to mention my 3 year old is constantly spilling juice and other items on the carpets. The carpet looked brand new when they were finished. You would have no idea I have a dirty dog or a messy 3 year old. The job they did cleaning my kitchen tile grout was outstanding. I can't thank them enough for the last minute schedule accommodation and the great work they did. If you need any carpet cleaning or tile work I highly recommend Speed Dry!

Outstanding company! I have worked with Speed Dry countless times and highly recommend them to any and all in need of carpet or tile cleaning services. The Speed Dry team is very professional, courteous and punctual. They stand behind their work and always deliver a quality product.

Very unhappy with the service. They were not able to remove stains that were supposedly 100% guaranteed. They owner does not stand behind this guarantee.

Great company!!! They came out at the appointment time and were so professional! They cleaned my carpets and when I asked about my couches they cleaned those as well! Now my house is all ready for my guests this Christmas season. I am so happy! My floors look great and my couch looks like new! Thanks Speed Dry!!!

5 Yelp stars & 2 thumbs up! I use Speed Dry Carpet Cleaning for business and home. I always have great customer service & appreciate the quality of work. They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and punctual. Their service exceeded my expectations from day 1. I highly recommend!

Speed dry came out to remove and clean carpet after our toilet over flowed. At first the owner wanted to just spray a cleaning solution onto the carpet and dry it with air movers.

Thank you so much to Speed Dry Carpet Cleaning, our carpets are like new again. I have used Speed Dry Carpet Cleaning for years and they never disappoint, always professional, on time and clean and tidy. This is the only carpet cleaning service I would ever recommend.

I was beyond satisfied with my carpets, tile floors, and couches! Speed Dry did an outstanding job making my home and furniture look brand new again. Definitely well worth the price for all of the work I had done. They're also extremely fast, very professional, and super friendly. Highly recommended!!

I have been using them on a neighbors recommendation for several years and have never been disappointed. They have also cleaned and sealed my kitchen tiled floor. I have very light carpets and they always look great after. Always great service. Fast and friendly staff. Highly recommend you try them.

The company in general, not good. Very unprofessional. The people who work there are friendly. But IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME, DO NOT DEPEND ON THEM. After being two and a half hours late, the owner wasn't even apologetic or caring enough to give a discount. Great service, only if you have all day to wait for them to arrive.

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