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Dry Carpet Cleaning / June 2, 2022

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We had a great experience with Nathan from Safe-Dry -he was very professional and did a fantastic job cleaning our whole house-all carpets, area rugs and drapes. Our house smells and looks super clean-better than new!! Nathan took the time to have me show him the areas in each room that needed special treatment and then sat down with me and explained the process and the pricing. I felt as though we got a very good price and I know that Nathan put his heart into cleaning our house and was very interested in meeting our approval and satisfaction. He not only cleaned all our carpet- he also spot cleaned our couch. He took our area rugs & drapes in for cleaning and returned them in less than a week perfectly spotless-the colors in the area rugs were brighter and revitalized. I would like to thank Nathan and Safe-Dry for their expert services and would recommend them highly!

We had a Val Pak coupon for $59 for 3 rooms. Our living room is big so we know it would be more. Brian on the phone couldn't say for sure but shouldn't be more than $50 more. I would be fine with that. When the tech got here he said they have 3 levels of service. Basic, deep cleaning and ultimate. He said we needed deep cleaning but that would be more. He came back with a 3 room estimate of just under $500. Wow from $59 to just under $500. Bait and switch. He asked what we could afford. We did $200 but that was only for two rooms. Carpets looked great but didn't appreciate the bait and switch. If we weren't having people over the next day I would have went with another company. Will not recommend. Update to this. They have great customer service and refunded us our money. Not many companies would do that.

Had a coupon for three rooms for 59$, which they told me over the phone was for 450 square feet. I have 750 square feet of carpet once they get there and measure. The price just went up about six times to $350. They tried to negotiate down to 185$. I just had them clean about 450 square feet of carpet for 59$ which they did with no problem. Just did not appreciate the bait switch and would have negotiated had the first offer been more reasonable. My carpet is only two years old with no stains or pets. Will have another company finish the job.

Called and set up an appointment with Brandon, he was very easy to work with, I have an busy work schedule, but he was very accommodating to appointment time. Brain (cleaning tech) come out to my house and did an excellent job! The carpets was spotless after the cleaning and felt amazing as if they were brand new. Now, I do have to let you know, this isn't the cheapest company to go with, if you want cheap call Sears, but if you want excellent service with amazing results, go with Safe-Dry!!! (P.S. I used Sears last year, Safe-Dry was $100 more, but well worth it!)

Very pleased!! Brandon is the manager and made he it so easy to schedule a cleaning. He went above and beyond to accommodate our needs!! Chandler, the technician, did an amazing job! Very polite, knowledgable and professional. He answered any questions we had and left our carpet look as good as new! I highly recommend Safe Dry!

Our experience was everything promised and more! Thank you Branden Alfano and Safe-Dry! We highly recommend them and will be using them again when the need arises.

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