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How to Dry wet Carpet after cleaning?

Dry Carpet Cleaning / November 22, 2021

The weather in St. Louis can change quickly. After having your carpet cleaned there is a few things that will help facilitate the drying process. First, it is important that all the moisture is removed during the cleaning process that is possible. After the carpet cleaning is done, air movement will help dry the air which allows the carpet to finish drying. Ceiling fans work best for this. If possible running a dehumidifier and your hvac system will speed the drying process also. Some customers may want to open the windows after cleaning, this will only help if the outdoor humidity is below 50%, this is where the St. Louis weather plays a part in the drying process. Sometimes the humidity will change quite a bit in a short time. If you want to dry the carpet by opening the windows be sure to keep an eye on the humidity. Having a indoor and outdoor hygrometer will help in seeing what method may be best to dry your carpet. (a hygrometer is a meter that will give the relative humidity in the air) When the humidity is below 50% the carpet will dry much quicker that if it is higher.

At Precise Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis we will always be here to help with the drying process. It is important that the carpet dries in a short amount of time, normally 3 to 10 hours is a reasonable amount of time anything longer than that you may want to check out your options to speed up the drying process. When it is raining outside this is more difficult than when it is dry out. In St. Louis most people tend to have their carpets cleaned in the spring and in the fall, both of these times tend to have a higher humidity due to them being during our rainy season. It is important to make sure any carpet is dry within 48 hours. Contact us if you are having a hard time drying your carpet and we will help.