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Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Dry Carpet Cleaning / September 27, 2022

Every project is high priority, from new customers, loyal customers, commercial to residential; you name it, everyone is, and every service is very important to us, as our reputation relies upon it.

Kirk of Conder Carpet Cleaning has been in the business since 2001. He and his brother saw the need for better cleaning services and knew they can provide it. They now specialize in high-quality carper cleaning, restoration, floor care, and even janitorial services. They value time, the privacy of each customer and use proven methods and techniques with amazing results. On top of that, they are courteous, well spoken and go through extensive background checks.

Our clients are great people and come from all different walks of life, very diverse; everyone is treated as family. After all, they are why we are still in business and expanding! We listen as they tell their biggest concerns and problems to ensure we meet all their needs the first time.

Kirk upholds the value of giving complete full service at competitive rates, with no hidden charges. Their full service includes vacuuming, stain spotting, deodorizing and furniture moving. Your carpet is dry in one hour or less.

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