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Dry Carpet Cleaning / June 8, 2020

Rockville, MD 20852
(240) 408-5605

These guys are fantastic!! They've cleaned my carpets several times. Every visit is super easy and my carpets always look like new afterwards. Can't recommend them highly enough!!

I wanted to share my experience with Poseidon Dry Carpet Cleaning, specifically with Hans and his great customer service. Everything was super easy, from booking the appointment to the actual day of service. I liked that it was done in a very reasonable amount of time and everything really went very smoothly. I was able to speak with Cal the owner and Tammy who made sure everything was set up accordingly. The day of service, I worked with Hans the tech who was 1. On time (early) 2. fast 3. efficient and knowledgeable 4. very down to earth and nice. The carpet looks great...I got the work done on a Friday, I left for the weekend (so i left my furniture off of the carpet) & when I came back on Sunday evening it looked great! I am very happy and would recommend services to family and friends. Thanks!

I used Poseidon some time ago. I didn't think to write a review until last week when I tried another carpet cleaning service and realized exactly how good Poseidon had been. Everything with Poseidon was very easy, and they were honest about recommending only the level of cleaning that was necessary, rather than the most expensive. They arrived on time, moved all of my furniture, and left my carpets looking wonderful-no stains, no smells. They aren't the cheapest, as they themselves admit, but they probably are the best. And the price is worth it.

As a professional property manager I always use Poseidon. They're unique method for extracting stains, and more importantly smells, is unparalleled. If you're looking for the lowest cost provider, Poseidon is not the service for you. If you're looking for the best value, and best method to truly clean carpet, there is no one else. On a side note, Tammy is the most friendly professional I regularly work with, and Cal is the most knowledgeable / passionate carpet cleaner I've ever met. If you really want an education, ask Cal about the use of "free radicals" to deodorize. To all of Poseidon's future new customers: you're welcome. This company is legit.

Fantastic. We had a serious pet urine problem in the basement (our older dog was a lot sicker than we knew and was peeing in the basement frequently). In rode Poseidon on their white horse. 1. The Techs were friendly, knowledgeable and CAME EARLY! 2. The process was fast, they explained what we should do (next steps) and left the house so much cleaner than it was before. 3. The horrible spots we had in the living room and basement are now GONE, GONE, GONE! Overall if there were the ability to give a company more than 5 stars I would do so for Poseidon. Fast (I called Thursday and had an appointment Saturday Afternoon). Really solid company - great carpet cleaning!

I recently used Poseidon Carpet Cleaning Service. I was thrilled with the results. What impressed me was when I made the appointment the woman I spoke with said they would show me a small area first and, if I didn't think it was good I didn't have to do it. Although it was costly, I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them

5 stars simply for getting out some nasty stains and making my awful carpet look brand new! Well actually they also deserve the rating because of the courtesy and friendliness of the ownership/staff. Cal, the owner, personally called me to explain the cleaning process and to set up the appointment. He even knocked $50 bucks off of the fee because I was a referral! Big points too for managing to squeeze me in at the last minute. The technicians showed up on time and were professional and friendly. After only an hour, they got 4 years worth of crap out of my carpeting and had it looking brand new again. Highly recommend.