Oxy Dry Cleans Atlanta GA

Dry Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

Dry Carpet Cleaning / August 26, 2022

Carpet cleaning for Atlanta GA metro area. We clean carpet, upholstery, oriental area rugs, pet urine, tile & grout. 100% eco-friendly solutions


Established in 1985.

Founded by Stu and Robyn Smith, Chem-Dry Atlanta is one of the largest residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaners in the Atlanta metro area.

Meet the Business Owner

Hi. We're Stu and Robyn Smith. We started our first Chem-Dry franchise in East Cobb Georgia with a strong belief in ourselves and the Chem-Dry process.
As the first Chem-Dry franchise in the Greater Atlanta area we had our work cut out for us educating prospective clients.
Enthusiasm, lots of "shoe leather" marketing, and hard work allowed us to build a loyal customer base and expand into a new territories in 1988. We now own 5 franchises in 10 counties with a fleet of 6 vans and 8 service professionals.
Because our commitment to quality workmanship and professional dependable service, Chem-Dry® Atlanta has been awarded the following prestigious awards from among 2, 500 franchises in the United States:
*Chem-Dry® Franchise of the Year
*Chem-Dry® Marketer of the Year

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