Carpet Washing Machine

Automatic Carpet cleaning machines

Cleaning Machines / September 5, 2019

BRS 420 Automatic Carpet Washing machine for cleaning large area rugs and carpets. The ultimate solution you need to improve your rug cleaning business. Carpets of width 4 meters and kength 6-7 meters can be easily washed automatically.



  • Number of brushes : 5
  • Brush diameter : 42 cm
  • Brush motor speed : 1400 (rpm/min.)
  • Brush speed : 160 (rpm/min.)
  • Brush motor power : 3.4 (kw)
  • Brush motor power transfer mode : Transmission
  • Brush motor voltage : 380 V -50 Hz
  • Total power : 10, 5 (kw)
  • Bench width : 420 (cm)
  • Bench length : 700 (cm)
  • Automatic carpet washing capacity : (m2/hour) (min./max.) 110-140
  • PLC control unit


  • Saves up to 80% on chemicals, water, detergant and labor
  • With the computer controlled system every and each square meter of carpets brushed equally
  • While the manual system carpet washing machines apply a pressure of 50 kg on the carpets, automated carpet washing machines apply 150kg of brushing pressure.
  • Hand washing machines, depending on how its used apply unbalanced pressure and leave a thin line on carpets after cleaning, automatic carpet cleaning machine’s brushes stay balanced and apply distrubuted loads on the tray, providing cleaning without leaving thin lines on carpets.
  • Hand washing machines rotate in the same direction, making carpet feathers become tilted.Automatic carpet cleaning machine has the feature of rotating brushes in different directions. This feature removes the dirt that may remain in the feathers of the carpets.
  • Water consumption of manual system washing machines could be less or more than needed, depending on the operator. On the automatic washing machine, dual staged pre- washing or rinsing could be done preferably. This feature could be selected on the PLC controlling unit.
  • Whether a carpet is lightly soiled or very dirty, the speed of a manual machine and the oparetor stays at a constant rate. Provided with PLC controlling unit, speed of the brushes or the machine itself can be adjusted in 40 different levels.
  • Operator of the manuel washing machine’s attention can’t be same for 10 hours, however, automatic carpet washing machine can provide same standart quality of cleaning without time limitation.