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Redwood City Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning / March 31, 2023

Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 480-6001

Excellent way to clean carpets. My carpets had been steam cleaned over the years and there were many old dark spots that would go away for a bit right after cleaning but then would return once it was walked on for a few days. Bob did an excellent job, came on time (actually early) and handled my challenging carpet stains wonderfully. No more embarrassing stains from previous occupants! I highly recommend this company! Well worth the wait.

Update.. This guy Bob had called me twice since the day he didn't call or show. He asked for me to update my review. He says that's not normally how he conducts business and that weekend was just a bad time for him, because "his brother or father passed" (I'm sorry to hear that). He could've just told me so or at least called.

We have not used the service yet, bu have made an appointment. The price on yelp states $82 for 2 rooms, but as soon as we called, they added extra $12 and made it $94. Once we spoke to Erica, their customer service representative, she said the $12 was a service fee, which was not mentioned anywhere. Beware and do not be surprised if they charge extra $.

This is my second time using Oxi Fresh, so I figured it was time to write a review. Much to my chagrin, our current lucky situation has carpet throughout the house. About two years ago I Yelped carpet cleaning businesses, and came across Oxi Fresh. For some reason I never wrote a review. Fast forward to 2016, and my carpets were looking dingy. Luckily, it's just my husband and me, so the carpets aren't too dirty. However, I'll be having guests staying in my home this week and next week, and since one of the guests will be my mother, the last thing I wanted was her nitpicking about carpets (my stress level is already on extremely high). Each Oxi Fresh is independently owned. I actually went to the website to schedule an appointment, but there were no time slots for the date and time I wanted. I decided to call, and sure enough! I got the date and time frame I wanted. If you attempt to schedule online and don't have any luck with a time frame, call! Bob cleaned my carpets both times. From what I understand, I think he travels from the East Bay. Both of my appointments have been for 8:00 a.m., but Bob was running late. I cut him some slack because Bay Area traffic is a nightmare. Bob is friendly and he starts working ASAP. He cleaned my living room and hallway in under 40 minutes, and the carpets were dry within three hours. I am very pleased with this service, and I look forward to doing business with Bob and Oxi Fresh in the future.

"I found Oxi Carpet Cleaning through all the positive Yelp reviews, and went with Bob because of all the positive comments and excellent price ." We haven't had our bedroom carpets professionally cleaned in a long time. I had major cat throw-up stains and track lines that looked gray on our beige carpet. Bob took the time to educate me on the OXI process. The carpets weren't soaked with water so it was a fast drying time and I could walk on them a lot sooner than other companies processes. I'd been putting this off for years thinking it would be a big hassle and expensive and it was neither of these. It was responsibly priced and easy. Thanks for your good work Bob.Will see you again :-) P.S. Even help us with a clogged bathroom sink !

We had Oxi Fresh come out for another cleaning (as our new dog has marked the carpet as her territory several times.) Again, they removed the pet stains and this time we set up a couple of fans and the carpet was dry later that same day.