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Professional Carpet Cleaning VS Rug Doctor

Professional Carpet Cleaning / November 9, 2020

Rug Doctor Portable Spot CleanerThe Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner and the BISSELL SpotClean Professional Portable are both first rate products from respected manufacturers. You could do much worse than buying either of these products. In order to determine which of these products is the best for your needs, you have to go beyond the specs and marketing buzzwords. Every ‘real world’ carpet cleaning situation is different, and the right tool for one job might not be the best for another.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner makes convenience and ease of use their top priority. It’s smaller, light, more maneuverable and features water tanks that are extremely easy to empty and refill. For households with stairs, the Rug Doctor could be the perfect choice–easy to move around and use, but not at the expense of cleaning quality. The Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner claims to have twice the suction power of competing products, but the real test is its ability to clean spots and stains.

A unique feature of Rug Doctor products is the motorized scrub brush. The Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner is the only product of this type on the market with a powerful oscillating motorized brush. The motorized brush offers some unique advantages–it not only frees you from having to do the scrubbing yourself but does a more effective job. The motorized brush moves 1200 times per minute enabling it to attack the most difficult stains. More brush movement means a better job ‘feathering’ the carpet, or blending the cleaned area with the rest of the fabric. You won’t be able to notice that a spot was ever there!

One potential downside to the Rug Doctor stain cleaner is that it takes a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cleaning. The motorized brush is admittedly effective on a variety of stains and surface types, but for some cleaning situations specialized attachments are helpful. The only customization allowed by the Rug Doctor unit comes via a ‘retractable handle’. It might be easier to move around and use than other units but depending on your specific application the uniformity of the cleaning process could be an issue.

Power Cord Length – 15 ft
Hose Lenght – 5.5 ft
Tank Capacity – 64 oz
Weight – 15 lbs

BISSELL Spot Clean Professional

Based strictly on its ‘statistical profile’ the BISSELL Spot Clean Professional looks and feels like a more substantial piece of machinery than many competing units. It’s bigger and features a more powerful motor than the Rug Doctor Portable. There’s obviously a trade-off in the physical heft of the product–the BISSELL product might be a more ‘substantial’ device, but the Rug Doctor is easier to carry around. The BISSELL stain cleaner also has no wheels meaning that you’ll have to pick it up and carry it to move it from one place to another. The BISSELL does have a substantially longer power cord than the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.