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Dry Carpet Cleaning / June 2, 2022

4820 Agoura Rd
Calabasas, CA 91302

(888) 801-3120

DryMasters Carpet Cleaning is the real deal. I received a courtesy call 30 minutes before they arrived to confirm my appointment. I had the Money Mailer coupon...3 Rooms for $43.95, 330 Sq./Ft. They definitely delivered as advertised. My carpets look amazing. They look so clean. They brought my carpet back to life. My wife is very happy and that's what counts in the real world. Aldo was our carpet cleaner. He was very professional and did a great job. I'd use DryMasters again. I highly recommend them. Thanks guys for a job well done!!

I've been using Drymaster for years! I ALWAYS ask for Aaron he's amazing! This time around I had a very expensive mattress in storage that collected way too much dirt and dust to sleep on. Half way through I stop Aaron so I can snap this picture. You can see all the dirt on the right side. It dried in less than 3 hours. I'm a happy girl! Thanks Aaron!

They were on time and got the job done in the amount of time expected. My only concerns were some strange lines left on our sofa but those disappeared afterwards. Pricing was reasonable and more than all, respectful customer service was what it should be.

This is my first time writing a review. I generally don't feel compelled to write reviews but good service is good service and you deserve to know. Aaron came by today to clean my 9x12 ft rug. He quoted me accurately on the phone, showed up on time, and cleaned it quickly but with care. Aaron was kind and courteous. He knew answers to all my questions and concerns as far as post-cleaning maintenance and pet hazards. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work.

After not cleaning my carpet for about 3 years I decided to call DryMaster to get my living room & bedroom done. Aaron was very nice & answered all of my questions throughout the whole process. My carpets looks brand new! I will definitely call them back to have my couches done as well :)

For stairs and a hall way $225 to get cleaned. Aaron really knows how to do the business talk and he's young. Mind you it is extremely soil with pet urine an dirt. so I figured ok.. hasn't been cleaned in awhile... I was told the eco friendly odorcide really works... ok. I asked him if it is a strong odor or chemical smell as I do not tolerate any of it as I have asthma.. I was told no.. WARNING - if you have breathing problems DO NOT HAVE THIS PRODUCT USED. EXTREMELY STRONG ORANGE AND CLOVE SMELL. Burns and will cause severe breathing problems or asthma.. After the Aaron started cleaning the carpets, the odorcide is extremely strong smelling. Started burning my throat, my chest got extremely tight and I couldn't get any air. I stepped outside - it's already a warm morning. Couldn't get a breath. Staying calm I was able to do a home breathing treatment. no one home so I had to wait for him to finish as I am turning pale. Paid the $225 and ended leaving for the urgent care. Took several hours before I could go back inside. Carpet is nice, but it didn't kill the urine smells - which is to be expected somewhat due to the age of the carpet... but now to deal with the odorcide and urine smell I am out of the house for a good while... I should get a discount for the agony.

BUYER BEWARE I recently contacted DryMaster Carpet for a living room cleaning. I was asked if any other rooms needed cleaned, as they were running a special on the 3 rooms for $43.95 deal for first time customers, under 350 sq ft. I said I don't have any other rooms, but do have an upstairs hallway. The representative over the phone said they would throw my hallway in for free to ensure the Service technician wasn't coming out for one room to clean. Once the tech arrived, he looked about 18 years old, with a shirt that was soiled and extremely wrinkled. He was outright unprofessional, interrupting me. He rolled his eyes when I said I had the flier from the mail. He said my living room was more than 250sq ft and that it would be at least $60 to clean. Now, the rooms need to be less than 350 sq feet to be charged more than the 43.95. He also told me that it doesn't matter what the company representative told me over the phone, that his job is to charge me according to what he sees. He then walked to the hallway and said I would "need to pay $200 or nothing at all" I opened my door and asked him to leave.

I called Dry Master yesterday because I wanted our rugs and couch cleaned today for Valentine's Day as a surprise for my girlfriend so when she arrived the house would be nice and clean. I called so many places and most I felt like were trying to suck me for as much money as possible, asking me questions like how much can I afford etc. when I called Dry Master on the other hand they were upfront and honest. They came out on such short notice and did such a great job. We have two cats and as any cat owner knows there is hair everywhere. The couch and rugs look brand new and smell great. My girlfriend will be so happy. Will be using them again.

All the negative reviews on Yelp about DryMasters are completely true. Bait & switch, a complete scam. I got scammed too and within 3 hours, I stopped payment on the check I wrote. Please note, their coupon says Beware! Also, there is nothing "dry" about their services - it took 30 hours for the carpet to dry. First time customer and LAST time.

Just had our carpets cleaned by Sherwin. He did an amazing job. We had planned only doing 1 large room based on the coupon in the mail- 330sqft for 43.95. He definitely Wow'd us. He cleaned 3 bedrooms and a hallway for the same price. I'm very pleased with his professionalism and kindness. Very polite, fast and efficient. We will definitely be calling him again when the other rooms are ready. Thank you so much DryMaster.

AARON was just here and cleaned my carpets which had not been cleaned for 6 years ! He did a great job ... efficient, thorough and friendly ! The carpets look great. Of course, they do not look brand new. One can not expect "miracles" on carpets that get alot of traffic ... but they look almost brand-new, :-). He had alot of experience and could tell me exactly how to care for my carpets. PLUS, they gave me an excellent price, less than the other 2 bids I got on the job. I found out about them from a coupon offer in my "junk mail". Sometimes it really pays to look at that stuff, :-) . Also, I know this company has received some not so good reviews. Of course, I don't know exactly who did that work and when. I can only speak from my own experience. Every job and every situation is different and may require more or extra cleaning to get the job done well. Be sure to ask questions before the job is done, just like I did. AARON was happy to answer ALL my questions BEFORE I hired them to do the job. He did exactly what he said he would and I'm very happy with the result.

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