Chem dry carpet cleaning reviews 2017

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Dry Carpet Cleaning / September 7, 2022

Torrance, CA 90503

(310) 530-7989

Sam Meny was our carpet cleaner and he did an amazing job. Our carpet looks new. He even took the time to give us tips on how to further care for the carpet. We had one of our dogs chew on our carpet and he told me what to do to save the carpet from further damage. Sam was on time and provided very good customer service. Great job Sam!

Best God damn carpet cleaners on the planet 5 star job 5 star service quick reliable dependable very thorough job best I have ever seen if you have carpet cleaning need these guys rock so hard core they can take the old and make it look new again saw it for myself wow no hidden fees no up selling of extra things you may not need Def the best local service oh and the use organic products as well

This company sucks! A few years back before the company was sold it was excellent customer service! Just recently I needed the new owner/worker to come clean my carpet on my final move out date which he was aware of. On the day of my appointment was for 9am. He called me 20 min prior to 9 to tell me he had to cancel on me. He already knew my situation that that was my last day at the apartment, and any extra days I would have to pay as "living" in the apartment. I asked him if he could recommend anyone to me as this was such short notice, he basically acted like a jerk saying "oh well, figure it out, I can't help you" so I hung up on him. Never again! Thank goodness I was able to find someone else to do the job!

I normally do not write reviews, especially negative ones, but I am more than frustrated enough and have the time to do so. Let me explain the reasoning behind my frustration..., Spend all morning getting my floors cleared, furniture out of the way, rugs rolled up and set aside, and making things as assessable as possible. At this time it's about 8:20/8:30, I'm currently still in a good mood and finally sit down to wait for these people to show up - which was scheduled for between 8 and 9. I am sure by the single star that I gave, there is no question to whether or not they showed up on time, right?!? I decided to give an hour of forgiveness before I called to confirm my already missed appointment. An hour and a half later, I called and was only able to reach their voicemail. Call 2 yielded the same results. Call 3 continued the trend. Call 4 wasn't answered either. Call 5 didn't surprise me. Call 6 didn't happen - I gave up after #5. Frustrated? Definitely irritated. It wasn't until I got up to walk to living room and was reminded of the work I had to do now in order to get my house back to normal, it was then I became pissed! Have to cancel? No big deal, just call me and let's reschedule. Running late? Cool, it happens, don't rush and drive safe. Forgot about the appointment? We're human, no worries, but accept responsibility and make things right. So, there it is, the rationale to my frustration. Now I have to repeat this entire process over for another's company on a different day only because this place couldn't maintain accountability. Well done, Chem dry people, what you don't know is that you are contracted with many of my apartment complexes and will no longer be given my business. Not a good way to start a week.

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