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Insta Dry Carpet Cleaning Orlando

Dry Carpet Cleaning / September 7, 2022

  • Address: 729 Executive Dr. Winter Park, FL. 32789
  • (407) 476-8525

We are dedicated to completing the job at hand and exceeding your expectations. We back this up with our spot removal guarantee. Finally, we value your time and would never keep you waiting. Our technicians will arrive at the scheduled appointment time and clean your carpets, tile and rugs thoroughly and quickly. We are confident that you will not find a more effective carpet cleaning service anywhere in Central Florida.

What is the Cleaned Right Guarantee?

InstaDry offers a guarantee on every cleaning. This guarantee promises that you will be satisfied with our service by the time our technician leaves. We have a couple of simple guidelines that outline how we attempt to achieve this. First, we always provide hard quotes so that there are never any uprise charges. We record your exact price on our sales software and that is the only price that you will be charged. Second, our technicians will always provide a clear expectation. They will let you know exactly what your floor will look like by doing a test area to show you the end results. Also, our technicians aim for 5 star service which means making the room look as good as possible.

  • 1: Provide Honest Communication to our Clients
  • 2: Utilize Highly Trained Technicians on Every Job
  • 3: Deliver a Valuable Service with the Goal of Complete Satisfaction
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