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Cleaning Equipment / June 21, 2019

Easy to use carpet cleaning machines to rent. We offer you outstanding value!
400, 000 Rug Doctor renters every year in the UK. Why not join them today?

24hr Rental

from around


48hr Rental

from around

Carpet Detergent

from around

You can rent the standard Rug Doctor machine from around £22.99 for 24hrs and £28.99 for 48hrs.

The Rug Doctor Wide Track costs around £28.99 for a 24hr rental and around £32.99 for 48hrs.

Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent with SpotBlok costs from around £9.99 for a 1 litre bottle. This is enough to clean
up to two rooms and leave them protected against future spills.

With a 24 hour machine rental and the Rug Doctor 4 litre bottle of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent you can
clean your whole house or up to 8 rooms for around £42.99!

Carpet Cleaning Rental Outlets

Our store locator will help you find Rug Doctor stockists in your local area. This will show you full printable directions on how to get there.

Our rental partners include Supermarkets, DIY stores, Dry Cleaners, Variety stores and selected independent retailers. 90% of the population are no more than a 10 minute drive away from their nearest outlet.

Why choose a Rug Doctor?

The best, cost-effective carpet cleaner

No other rental brand or domestic carpet cleaner can compare to Rug Doctor. We have the power to remove the dirt and stains that others leave behind!
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How often should I clean?

Vacuuming is simply not enough...

Double the life of your carpets with a regular deep down clean using the Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine - it's that easy!
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What do I need to clean my carpets...

Make sure that when you RENT your Rug Doctor, you pick up everything
you need to clean your carpets and upholstery and deal with those stains.

Rug Doctors' unique approach to carpet care

Explore powerful carpet cleaning products from Rug Doctor.

Before you start your main clean with the Rug Doctor, you will need to tackle those difficult stains. Rug Doctor takes a different approach to stain removal by offering individual solutions to certain specific stains and odours.

Stain Guide

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