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Carpet Cleaning business opportunity

Carpet Cleaning Business / December 15, 2020

As you research all the different carpet cleaning business opportunities available, you’re going to hear a lot of “get rich quick” claims. But, you’ll be hard pressed to find a legitimate carpet and upholstery cleaning business opportunity that gives you as much for so very little, including:

  • Free training on everything you need to know to run a successful carpet cleaning business
  • Free marketing and advertising assistance
  • Free (unlimited) customer support for as long as you’re in business
  • Plus much more!
Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning Business Associate

For over 75 years, Von Schrader has helped thousands of people — just like you — take control of their financial futures and start successful carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses. See for yourself why so many people continue to start cleaning businesses with Von Schrader.

The perfect carpet cleaning business is almost fail-proof.

Such an opportunity would include the following essentials:

  • A service everyone needs or wants
  • Demand for the service is repetitive
  • Unlimited growth opportunity
  • No overhead (work out of your home)
  • Set your own hours; hire help only as needed
  • Everything you earn would be yours (no fees, dues or royalties)
  • No special skills, education or experience needed
  • You receive free training and counsel
  • Your investment would be unbelievably small
  • Your carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment would be the finest
  • Great return on your investment

Such an opportunity does exist for you today with the Von Schrader advanced Air Cell Extraction carpet cleaning systems.

Testimonials from Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Business Owners:

“I had a week off from work so I scheduled two very large jobs. I really worked that week, but the $2, 500 I made was sure worth it. Shortly thereafter, I decided if I could do this well part-time, I should be able to make a go of it full-time. Now I’m making a living with my company and loving it.”

Tim Gaudett

“The LMX Cleans a trashed out carpet! The results are amazing!”

Green Clean

“I think the Von Schrader Company is the best in the world. I have used about every type of carpet cleaning equipment ever made, including rotary brushes, portable steam, steam truck mount, bonnet cleaning, etc. Most wet systems leave carpet too wet and other dry systems are not very effective. Von Schrader is the best all around system.”

Jim Smail

“My business is going great. After three months I’ve made $750 – $800 per week working part-time! Thank you for helping us prosper.”

Kerry Allen

“My first machine was the belt driven model and it took me three weeks to pay it off. At present, even with the tired machine, I can make over $200.00 and be home by noon. Everywhere I go, I recommend Von Schrader to other cleaners and facilities. I would like to thank you for making my job easier.”

Richard Hughes

“If it wasn’t for Von Schrader helping me start my own business, I wouldn’t have been able to move my family to this wonderful house. Von Schrader truly is the best business opportunity out there.”

Ray Collins, Ace Carpet Cleaning

“Friday, we cleaned a dentist office upstairs and downstairs. I had two machines working with three employees, including myself for a total of four. Total hours on the job – five. Income for cleaning and Blockade = $848.00.