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Carpet Cleaning / March 11, 2022

2899 S Beech Daly
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

(313) 292-3400

Drew was our representative. He was thorough, very professional and courteous. He gave us a few pointers on upkeep and it was much appreciated. The job was clean. He did a fantastic job. If highly recommend them to anyone. The price was perfect as well.

I needed to get my Living Room and Hallway carpets along with a Sofa and Loveseat cleaned so I called around to a few places to get some quotes first. Modernistic was the first place I called because I am always seeing ads in the mail and on TV for them, but they are just way too overpriced. They wanted $190.00 to do the work I needed while every other place I called was around $70.00 to $80.00 cheaper. Like one of my wifes designer purses, to me it seemed like you were playing for the name more then anything else. Sunglo seemed to be the best price for what I wanted and the gentleman who assisted me on the phone was very nice and answered all of the questions I had. To be honest though one of the only reasons I called them in the first place was because their name reminded me of the "Sunshine Carpet Cleaners" cult from Seinfeld which had me laughing. I called on a Monday and was able to schedule someone to come out that Wednesday. The technician showed up on time and explained what he was going to do and asked if I had any other questions. About an hour later he was finished and the carpets and furniture looked great. My only complaint that kept this from getting a full five star review is that when I called and scheduled I asked if they moved furniture such as a TV stand to clean under it or did I need to do that and was told they will move it and if they feel they need your assistance to make sure nothing gets broken they will ask. Well the guy who cleaned my carpet stated otherwise and told me he doesn't move any furniture other then couches, chairs, coffee tables and loveseats. I offered to move it away for him and he still didn't feel comfortable cleaning that portion of the carpet because he didn't want to risk putting the stand back on wet carpet and possible warping the wood or staining the carpet from the stands varnish. While that is understandable, isn't that what those foam blocks are for - keeping furniture off of the wet carpet while it dries? One other thing that kept this from getting a perfect review was a spot that was missed by my front door where the carpet ends and meets the tile, to which I was able to clean myself with a little bit of OxyClean. All in all the price and experience was a pretty good one. I will definitely call them again if I need any other rooms cleaned, but next time I will make sure I personally move any furniture around so that the entire carpet can be cleaned.

Best experience I've ever had with a carpet cleaning company. Thanks to Mike and his crew for there professionalism and hard work. Moved our furniture w/o giving us grief to a certain extend except our king bed which was fine. Had a million dog pee and poop stains and none are left. Say goodbye to Modernistic and the other crooks out there and go with the best carpet cleaning around. I know they have been in business for over 30 years so no worries with these guys. You don't stay in business that long ripping people off unless you pay lots of money for commercials like modernistic. You know who is paying for all that advertising? You guessed it, it's you by the charging you a arm and a leg. Tell them Bill H. sent you so I can hit Mike up for a discount next year when they come back out to clean up after our dog becuase our puppy just turned 1 and he still has no clue about going pee and poop outside. I'm sure it is all my fault that I haven't trained the stupid dog or maybe we just got a stupid dog.

They do good carpet steam vacuum cleaning but not for tough stains. We were told on the phone that they will take care of stains but apparently this is very special and pricey job and not included! But that was the reason I got them is the stains. The price is average and similar to competitors. Showed up on time and he worked hard and non stop. Two stars for fake statement about what they really do otherwise good for regular cleaning.

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