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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Carpet Cleaning / October 20, 2022

300 Richardson St
East Williamsburg, NY 11222

(718) 475-1096

The company provides the best cleaning and pick up service I could ever hope for. They cleaned a silk rug that had more pee stains than a zoo. And it's ready for my new born to eat from it, it's so clean & Green Friendly. The owner knows his rugs, his knowledge is great when your pricing your next cleaning because if your not sure if your rug is worth a few bucks or not, he will know. I highly recommend them & so will you.

Was not happy with the service. I was surprised being that i read the reviews however i now realize that most were rated 2 years ago which is when they probably did better work. I agree with the person previously about them not revealing the price until they arrive at your house. However, if the work is good we dont mine paying. The vendor told us that out carpet would be clean like brand new which not have been a problem with 2 year old carpet. The carpet did not get clean like he explained. Last he said the carpet would dry in 5 hours. It has now been three days and carpet is still damp. We will monitor for mold which will be there problem especially with a new born expected in a week.

I received a quote for $84 to have a mattress cleaned, when the technician finished the job he charged $120.00. The only reason he got that money was because I wasn't home. If i knew the cost was $120.00 I probably would've decided to buy a new mattress instead!!!

I found this company through Yelp, read the reviews and decided to give them a call. The company representative scheduled for me an appointment with their technician George to see the rug and give me an estimate. George was great! He was very honest about the process that they going to do to clean the rug and really cared that we will set my expectations regarding the results. This was very refreshing approach as most of the companies offered me that the rug will be as new or even better... The rug was ready within a few days and was delivered to me when it was convenient to me. Needless to say that the rug was clean and smell great after the cleaning. Overall - great company, great customer service great service! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and use them again in the future!

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