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Professional Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Big Red is a leading carpet cleaning Singapore company, having served more than 4000 customers island-wide. We are proud to be the official carpet cleaners for many prestigious and recognized names in Singapore such as Shangri-La Hotel since 1986. Satisfied and happy clients are our living testimony!

Our carpet cleaning Singapore technicians are skilled and specially trained in the field of carpet restoration and preventive maintenance technology. This means that your carpets get the cleaning attention they need, which increases the carpet’s life expectancy through proper maintenance and ultimately, improved indoor air quality.

Big Red offers a wide range of wet and dry preventive, corrective or restorative carpet cleaning options. You can choose from our methods depending on your current carpet conditions and requirements.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is suitable for most carpets normally done by using a powerful portable extraction carpet cleaning machine.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the preferred method of carpet cleaning for regular maintenance. The steam cleaning process is:

  • Carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove dry soil.
  • A cleaning chemical is sprayed to the carpet and left to react with the embedded soil and stubborn spots on the carpet fibers.
  • Hot water is injected through the carpet cleaning wand into the carpet fibers to flush out chemicals, soils and spots. It is concurrently extracted into the carpet cleaning tanks.

Dry or Bonnet Cleaning

Dry cleaning solvent is mixed with water to spray thru a pressurized pump into the carpet fibers’ surface. Concurrently, a rotary scrubbing machine with a bonnet pad is deployed to absorb the excess dirt, soil and solvent. This method is normally referred to as “surface cleaning.” It is suitable for carpet surfaces that need frequent maintenance and fast drying time.