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Professional Carpet Cleaning machines

Professional Carpet Cleaning / January 20, 2021

The carpet cleaning applications in commercial and industrial settings are distinctly different. So, different carpet cleaners are required for varied applications. Daimer® now offers a comprehensive series of powerful, versatile, and easy-to-operate rug washers specifically designed to manage the challenging cleaning applications in commercial and industrial areas.

The Perfect Professional Carpet Cleaning Systems

The XTreme Power® series of professional carpet cleaners from Daimer® combine the aspects of durability, versatility, cleaning power, and mobility to offer the best cleaning results ever. Unlike the cheaper versions of rug cleaners, these carpet wash systems are solidly constructed from high-grade materials and components to ensure superior cleaning performance even under the most challenging conditions. To help maintain a range of surfaces, such as vehicle interiors and upholstery, the professional carpet cleaners come with several standard and optional attachments.

The portable carpet cleaning machines in the XTreme Power® series come in heated and non-heated versions. The non-heated versions are empowered with high temperatures and pressure levels to guarantee excellent cleaning results with minimum effort. High temperatures of up to 210°F contribute to dissolving tough deposits, stains, and spills on upholstery and carpeted areas. While conventional rug washers simply help clean carpet surfaces, professional carpet cleaner systems help clean off even the toughest deposits embedded deep within the carpet fibers. The efficient extraction functions in these portable carpet cleaning machines guarantee simultaneous cleaning and extraction of deposits from carpeted areas.

Another outstanding aspect of professional carpet cleaner systems in the XTreme Power® series is the low-flow cleaning technology. The rug washers use very little water for the cleaning process and enable the carpets to dry faster. While traditional carpet cleaning techniques demand high drying periods of up to 24 hours to get the carpets fully dry, low-flow carpet wash equipment need just 1-6 hours to leave the carpets dry.

Advanced Technologies of Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment

While power is important, there are other factors to consider when purchasing a professional carpet cleaner. One of those integral aspects is drying time. Many shampooers on the market clean carpets while leaving them soaking wet, requiring twenty-four hours or more for the carpet to fully dry. Daimer®, on the other hand, offers low flow technology with each of its professional carpet cleaning machines.

Low flow technology works wonders in reducing trying times from more than 24 hours to only 2 hours for carpet and 1 hour for upholstery. As such, professional carpet cleaning equipment with low flow technology works to enhance productivity by enabling business owners to begin working again shortly after the carpet is cleaned. But, that's not all. Low flow technology found in today's most advanced professional carpet cleaners virtually eliminates the risk of mold or mildew growth, a common occurrence in carpets and other material left damp for an extended amount of time.

Superior Professional Carpet Cleaner Construction

To ensure the prolonged performance of its professional carpet cleaning equipment, Daimer® includes only the highest quality components in each machine's composition. Such quality components include rugged tank and inline heating elements, stainless steel upholstery and carpet wands, durable vacuum and suction hoses, hard-wearing casings, and more.

Based on quality construction, cleaning power, and technologically advanced features, amongst an array of other benefits and capabilities, look no further than Daimer® for your next carpet extractor.