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Cleaning Equipment / August 15, 2021

Trusted Clean Powerhead Carpet Cleaning PackageThis package contains a heated 12 gallon extractor with 100 PSI with an external power head, an air mover, a stair tool, a pre-spray wand, a stair wand, and a FREE Upholstery Tool. The dual corded extractor comes with an external heater than will heat the water to 170° F, for exceptional cleaning. A great package when combined with the powerhead for the carpet cleaning professional, because it contains all the tools necessary to accomplish any carpet cleaning task. The external power head is great for heavily soiled carpets, and traffic areas. The upholstery tool is perfect for detailing automotive upholstery, as well as furniture.Gold Medal Winner Choose your carpet cleaning chemicals and be ready to attack any stained carpeting or upholstery! Finally, a truly commercial cold water carpet cleaning machine, at an affordable price! We pulled out all the stops with this machine. It is a non-heated unit, but can clean just like the large truck mounted machines. The 11 gallon solution tank gives you plenty of solution to do several rooms in a residential setting., and it comes standard with 100 PSI, dual vacuum motors, pulling 150" water lift, a 25' vacuum recovery hose, and a 12" single-jet drag wand. There is no extractor on the market that matches the qualities of this machine, at the price we are able to offer it to you for! The Ultimate heated carpet steam cleaner will heat cold water up to 170° F to aid in extracting dirt from soiled carpets. This hot water extractor combines power and a large 12-gallon tank inside a surprisingly compact body that makes it ideal for a single operator. With a 100 PSI pump, dual vacuum motors, and an external heater, this model delivers the ultimate in cleaning.Trusted Clean 'Ultimate' Heated Box Extractor Plus it comes complete with a deluxe dual-jet stainless steel S-bend wand and a 25-foot hose assembly. It leaves carpets clean and dry in a record amount of time.

With this Mytee carpet extractor, you get a very durable unit that can handle the tough day to day operations of a commercial carpet cleaning professional. A 120 PSI pump and a single 3-stage vac motor powers this unit. It cleans with extreme precision, and can be used to get to those hard to reach areas that truckmounts can't go. Large rear wheels make it easy to get up and down stairs. Comes with a 15' hose, 12" dual-jet drag wand and a 1 year warranty on the motor/pump/heater.

CleanFreak® 100 PSI Carpet Cleaning Extractor Mytee Carpet Cleaning Extractor