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Organic Carpet Cleaning Austin

Carpet Cleaning / May 26, 2022

Peace frog is different from other companies for more than our outstanding 5-star customer service. We do more to improve your home than simply cleaning your floors.

Peace Frog prides itself on being environmentally responsible. We offer earth-friendly alternatives to harsh petrochemicals. By offering detergent-free deep steam cleaning and non-toxic chemicals, Peace Frog can improve the quality of your carpets and your family’s health.

Our competitors use detergents that are derived from crude oil and can cause carpet to retain more water and thereby attract more dirt after cleaning. Over time the build up of detergents and chemicals make it harder and harder to achieve a true clean. They can also contain chemicals like chlorine and ammonia, which can irritate the skin and eyes as well as break down carpet fibers.

We use an environmentally friendly compound called DFC by Chemspec. DFC stands for “detergent free cleaning” and is endorsed by Envirodesic™ for maximum indoor air quality and for use with environmentally hypertensive individuals. It’s safe enough to eat!

The Environmental Choice Program backs Chempec as the responsible choice for carpet and upholstery cleaning. DFC has been known to improve the life of carpet, appearance and overall sanitization. Our wastewater is disposed of in a responsible manner. Green cleaning products are better for you and the environment.

Combined with our thorough deep steam cleaning process DFC activated by the 230º duel extraction will leave you home clean and healthy!

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