Most Recommended List of Carpet Cleaners with Reviews

Inexpensive Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning / May 25, 2022

Methods for saving money on cleaning your carpetAttachments provided with the machine will do upholstery and car carpets, too. For daily mishaps, whether animal (yecch, another accident) or human (there goes the picante sauce) - try Carbona products. I find mine at the grocery store. If you attack even a grisly stain (dog vomit comes to mind) while it's still relatively fresh, you can simply remove every trace of a problem (and resultant odors, as well) with this Carbona stuff. No nasty toxic product smell, either. This comes in either a yellow or red squeeze bottle with a sponge/brush combination applicator. I hate to sound corny, but it's really improved my disposition to have a solution that makes a problem seem "less problematic." "So you dropped the plate of spaghetti? Life goes on. It'll be clean in a few minutes." I guarantee this will make life with a munchkin much more fun!

Owned Bissell and Hoover Cleaners

Since I love dogs, and my husband has allergies...I have become an expert in carpet cleaning. My first purchase of a carpet cleaner was a Bissell tank type cleaner that attached to the faucet. It worked great. I spent under $100, and I am thrilled to say it never met a stain it couldn't remove.

The down side was that you needed to be within cord length of a faucet, the big tank was very heavy for me to empty and stairs were very difficult (had to be done half from the top, half from the bottom. But it removed a stain from an heirloom area rug that three different professional carpet cleaners had deemed "permanent." It left sweet smelling, almost dry carpets. I could use it about two hours before company and it would be dry to the touch.

When I moved, I sold it to a dog loving friend (who loves it), and at my new home I bought a Hoover upright. Both my mother and my sister have owned this type of unit and recommended it to me. It has several advantages over the tank cannister type I had before. They are: easier on my middle aged back, no lines to tether you to faucet (although newer cannister models are now self-contained, too), easier to empty dirty water tank, has rotating brushes for deeper cleaning that also remove deep down dog hair, and mine has on board hand held accessory for cleaning upholstery, car carpets, mattresses, etc.

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