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Carpet Cleaning / October 27, 2023

The true price of carpet cleaning isn’t always clear, but the benefits are undeniable. We all receive unbelievable offers on our doors and in the mail, but it’s hard to believe they’ll come out and clean the whole house, and that the carpet cleaning price is only $59. When those companies arrive a whole world of upselling ensues. Suddenly they only spot clean unless you’re willing to pay a lot more. In an effort to clear up some of these carpet cleaning pricing problems, we are sharing our current costs compared to our major competitors.

We contact our competitors regularly to maintain an accurate view of how their service prices matches up with our pricing and what their current carpet cleaning rates are. The Price chart below you will find carpet cleaning prices quoted for 1 Living Room, 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Dining Room, 1 Hall, and 1 Bath. You’ll also notice differences in the level of service provided and, most importantly, that our competitors do not offer a carpet cleaning warranty program.

Carpet Cleaning Price Comparison Chart


1st Visit

2nd Visit

3rd Visit

4th Visit








Stanley Steemer³






Kiwi Services




As of April 7th, 2017

excludes taxes

¹ No warranty service offered. Service does not include pretreating of stains.

² No warranty service offered.

Source: www.kiwiservices.com