What to do when your dog was sick on your lovely creme carpet

Cleaning sick from Carpet

Carpet Cleaning / September 23, 2022

I can handle soda stains on carpet or even red wine stains. But vomit stains may be one of the worst things I've ever cleaned from carpet. But, with these tips you stand a chance at getting your carpet back to normal.

Removing Vomit If It Is Cleaned Right Away

Use a spoon to remove as much of the vomit stain as possible. I know it sounds horrible, but you want to get up as much as possible without pressing it into the carpet.

Use a spoon to get up any excess vomit. Cover your mouth to avoid the smell. Next, pour club soda or cold water onto the area. Let it stand on the vomit stain for 30 seconds. Blot the vomit stain with a clean dry cloth, soaking up the stain. Replace the cloth as it becomes wet. Repeat until no more stain is transferred onto the cloth. Treat the area with a carpet spot stain remover according to its directions.

Removing Old Vomit From Carpet

The methods of removing an old stain are the same as with a new stain, except you will likely have to repeat the stain removal process several times to be sure it is fully removed. And sometimes with old vomit stains, ammonia can be a useful tool. I'll be honest. I do not like using ammonia because the scent makes me queasy and it can damage and remove color from some types of carpet. Never use it on wool and always test in a hidden spot to be sure the results are to your liking.

But if you've tried everything else and nothing is working, you can mix a tablespoon of ammonia and a cup of warm water together. Blot the solution onto the carpet using a clean dry white towel. Use another towel to blot it away and allow to dry. Repeat until you feel like it has done as much improvement as it can.

What Kind of Stain Remover Is Best?

For best results you'll want to buy a stain remover that has enzymes to break down the residual stuff left in the carpet. Most pet carpet stain removers are a good option. A foaming cleaner will penetrate the fibers and can usually be vacuumed away after it dries. A liquid may do a good job at penetrating through the carpet but is a little more time consuming to blot away, rinse, and allow to dry. Be sure to test any product you use in a hidden area of carpet to make sure it doesn't affect the color. Not all carpet is colorfast. A carpeted closet area, the edge near a wall, or under a piece of furniture may be good testing spots.

If You Still Smell Something After the Stain is Removed

If there is still an odor after the appearance of the stain is gone, it means it isn't really gone. You can try treating again with the enzyme carpet cleaner. You can also try adding 2 tablespoons of dish soap to a pint of warm water. Using a clean towel, sponge the area with the towel dipped in the water and dish soap mixture. Continue blotting with a dry towel until no more liquid comes up. Take a new clean towel and put it over the area with something heavy on top of it until the area dries.

You may need to repeat this process several times until the smell is completely removed. Be sure to allow the area to dry between treatments.

What You Need To Clean Vomit Stains

  • Spoon
  • Club soda or water
  • Clean white cloths
  • Enzymatic carpet cleaner or pet carpet cleaner
  • Clean towels
  • Heavy Object
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