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Carpet Cleaning / October 7, 2023

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Before Nola Carpet cleaning my 525 Sq ft apartment smelt like my dogs bathroom. It was horrible I never thought anyone could get the smell out. They came in the first time and cleaned very well and I thought the smell was gone. But everyone knows how well puppies are at stinking stuff up, over the week a small hint of smell came back. I called the office right away and they sent someone out the same week to come take care of all of my issues! I didn't have to pay a cent more! The only reason they don't have 5 stars is because I did pay a lot more then the advertised price online. In the end it was worth it!

I've put their services to the test over the years. From cleaning a memory foam mattress, to carpeted steps, to my rain soaked car. They took care of it each time for a very fair price. I've never had to wait days to get scheduled and when they arrive they take care of business pretty quick too. And as a bonus they're locally owned. Win win.

I'll definitely use them again. I obtained a quote from their website and set up the cleaning the next day. The cost was exactly as quoted. The communication from the company was very good as far as following up to let me know he'd be a little later than expected. When the gentleman showed up, he was very courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend this company.

The owners of the company actually contacted me to let me know the employee had been fired and they would be delivering my rug and not charging me.

I am sorry to say I am just reading these reviews now. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN YOUR RUGS. william merrill has had my rug since September 4. after about 3 weeks, he brought the rug back to me and it seriously looked like he hadn't touched it. still dirty and with new grease marks on it. he said I should let him take it back with him for a more extensive cleaning - he said he didn't do that the first time because he feared I would be mad if the wool shrunk like an inch. this is a 9x12' rug. so I let him take it back with him. big mistake. he has told me twice since then that he would be here at the certain date and time, then hasn't shown up. lots of excuses, like the other reviewers said - car accident that landed him in the hospital overnight. his child being in children's hospital for four days. a big job in Slidell so he couldn't get away. he didn't show up again at 8 am today (he said he would come on his way to "church"). so I have been calling and texting him all morning. of course his voicemail isn't set up. he finally just answered, at noon, like I had woke him up. he acted like he forgot and was soooo sorry and that I would have my rug back later today. I told him I didn't believe him and to tell me where he was and I would come get it myself. said something like he hadnt been home yet, so I couldn't. what?! then he said that he couldn't come today and that he would leave it on my front porch tomorrow and would not charge me for the cleaning. I again said I didn't believe him, and he said "I'm not a thief" and that he would leave it on my porch. then he hung up on me. so, yeah, right. I'm not holding my breath. if my rug isn't here tomorrow, I'm going to file a police report.

Amazing job on cleaning a very very dirty rug. My rug is expensive or else I would have thrown it away because our dog had been sick and had horrible accidents on the rug. Luckily for me I called Nola and they picked up the rug the same day. The technician warned me it would take about a week to ten days to treat it at their rug bath and true to his word it took 8 days but oh was it worth it. They returned the rug in almost new condition and it smelled wonderful! I am elated with the service and the price of my rug cleaning ! I highly recommend this company to everyone that is in need of rug cleaning services.

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