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Carpet Cleaning in San Jose

Carpet Cleaning / October 26, 2022

We offer safe and natural carpet and tile cleaning services. "Keeping it green to protect your family!" Breathe new life into your home or office through the help of Fresh Go Green Cleaning. As your source for professional cleaning services, we specialize in everything, from carpet cleaning to water damage restoration services. It is simply hard to find a more experienced and versatile team of cleaners. Contact us right away to receive a free cleaning estimate. Our specialties include: * Air duct cleaning * Auto interior cleaning * Estate cleaning * Carpet cleaning * Rug cleaning * Wood floor cleaning * Upholstery cleaning * Move-in and move-out cleaning * Tile and grout cleaning * Hardwood floor restoration * Water damage restoration * Window treatments and window cleaning Powerful green cleaning: At Fresh Go Green Cleaning, based all over the Bay area, California, we use a state-of-the-art and truck-mounted steam cleaning system to restore your carpet. This remarkable system is completely biodegradable and can eliminate up to 95% of the bacteria, dirt and germs that are infecting your carpet. The process is simple. First, we pre-spray a special treatment to your carpet and then using hot water, we proceed to clean the area. The temperature of the water varies, depending on the surface being cleaned. It takes 6 to 12 hours for most carpets to dry with a cross breeze. Tile and grout cleaning: Regular care, cleaning and maintenance help keep your natural stone and ceramic tile look its best. We work with all types of tile, including wall, countertop and floor tiles. For stone and ceramic tile, we carefully remove all loose dirt and clean both the grout and the tile repeatedly until they look like new.

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