Carpet Cleaning | Milwaukee, WI | Star Bright Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Milwaukee

Carpet Cleaning / September 14, 2022

908 N 58th St
Milwaukee, WI 53213

(414) 202-8515

Never using another carpet cleaning company again. Stanley Steamer can suck it. If you have dogs, these guys are the way to go. Steam cleaning never cut it. Heavens Best was prompt, polite and the price is right! They did a wonderful job getting out all the pet stains, removed a spot of leather oil that I've been trying to get out for months (no thanks to two other companies), and a shampoo spot! All this in an hour! Highly recommended

I had Heaven's Best clean my light colored carpeting a few months ago. They did a fantastic job! They paid extra attention to a problem area (the sides on the stairs) that I had specifically pointed out. The last carpet cleaning I had with someone else failed to clean this area. The other true test is that after several months, the stains did not come back. I will definitely be using them again. Great pricing, great service and great guys!

Reuban and his partner were beyond wonderful. The professionalism with this company was awesome. I have used well known companies and it doesn't compare to the job these guys did. I clean my carpets ever 6 months due to a sassy little dog and they made my carpets look brand new again. Very reasonable prices. Will recommend them to friends/family.

I recently stumbled upon these guys on Yelp in search for a carpet cleaning service and am very happy that I did. My appointment was scheduled for 1 PM on a Friday and these gentlemen arrived 15 minutes prior, which I appreciate, even though I, myself, was not quite home yet. Reuben & his partner were very friendly, quick and efficient in what they did. I had originally scheduled just my living room, but they didn't mind when I added a small portion of my bedroom & my couches. The entire thing took less than 2 hours, and my carpets & couches took no longer than an hour to dry. Even better, it wasn't as pricey as I expected (based on estimates from other companies), which I appreciate. I will definitely be using these guys again in the future.

Ruben was great. Timely with providing a quote, punctual and fast the day of the appointment. He even cleaned a stain spot in my car that a car detailing place wasn't able to get out. Glad to see his business growing fast!

Highly recommend! I decided to go with Heaven's Best after reading all their 5-star reviews on Yelp and I am glad I did! Arrived on time, did a very thorough job (even went over a couple areas a second time), was very friendly, have very reasonable prices and they don't try to stick you with "extras" and charged what I was quoted. AND the carpet is dry in about 1 hour (as opposed to others where it can take 6-8 hours to dry)! Also, the process of how/why they do it this way was explained. Not only does it dry quicker than steam cleaning, but it is much gentler on the carpet. Steam cleaning, which heats up the carpet, can damage the glue that holds your carpet together.

Ruben was absolutely wonderful! My fiancé and I just closed on a condo and had to reschedule the date. Ruben was very flexible. He explained The process thoroughly, and answered all of our questions before we even asked them. He was on time and a complete professional. The cleaning was quick compared to cleanings I've had in the past but it looked amazing in the end without the hassle of having an eight hour carpet cleaning, with him it was only an hour and carpet was dry and clean. We would use Ruben again in a heartbeat and will recommend him to everybody we know.

I am so impressed with this business. Professional, great customer service, and best of all~heaven's best carpets!!! They look brand new! Very happy, will come back again!!!

I couldn't be happier with the quality service provided by Reuben and his crew. They were timely, professional and friendly. Our carpet in the living room and on our stairs looks brand new! We have 2 cats, a dog, a toddler and a baby on the way. The products they used were completely safe and smelled great. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

Just had Reuben with Heaven's Best out this morning. We couldn't be happier! He cleaned the carpet in our family room, the sectional in the same room and two area rugs in other rooms in our home. All the rugs are so soft and dried quickly. The sectional looks wonderful. He was prompt, courteous, and did a fabulous job. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting carpet and/or furniture cleaning!!

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