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Carpet Cleaning Freehold NJ

Carpet Cleaning / August 26, 2022

"Prompt service, very through job. Best carpet cleaning we have had in 30 years."

~Raymond M - Matawan, NJ

"I have my carpets cleaned on a regular basis and Heaven's Best did a fantastic job. My carpets look almost new and that is very significant since I have a dog who has accidents on the rug from time to time. The carpets were dry in about an hour and smelled very fresh and clean."

~Joanne O - Matawan, NJ

"I was really impressed with the company. Very professional and I was 110% satisfied with the job he did . I will hire this company over and over again and will highly recommend to anyone and everyone I know. I had a problem with pet stains and urine smell and he got rid of it and my carpet looks and smells brand new! Thank you for such an awesome job!!! My money well spent."

~Joe C - Matawan, NJ

"Great Job, reasonable price. Marc was professional and courteous. His work was thorough and he even asked that I look things over and let him know if I saw anything that needed to be cleaned or gone over. I did and he was great about doing it. Overall, great experience... would use again."

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