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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane South

Carpet Cleaning / September 14, 2022

We use a powerful truck mount steam extraction machine to ensure that all of our Brisbane carpet cleaning jobs are performed to the highest quality; the machine is a powerful piece of equipment that delivers more vacuum, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets. Absolute Carpet Care have established a name for ourselves in the carpet cleaning industry for providing a professional service at an affordable price. We offer three different carpet cleaning packages to ensure that everyone’s carpet cleaning needs are taken care of:

carpetcleaning All of our packages are competitively priced, and if you have any stubborn stains that require extra attention, we offer a Rotary Agitation service with a soft brush or pad for an additional charge. Rotary Agitation will loosen any soiling from your carpet fibres, cleaning the carpet up to 50% better.

The result on the right was achieved with the use of our Powerful Truck Mount System combined with rotary agitation using a soft brush.

4-Step Budget Carpet Cleaning System

Our Budget carpet cleaning package is ideal for end of lease amp; bond cleaning. The Budget Carpet Cleaning System is a four step process including:

  1. Pre-inspection and spot amp; stain survey. Professional advice and evaluation of your carpets.
  2. Pre-conditioning and spotting (some spots and stains extra)
  3. Powerful truck mount steam extraction. Powerful equipment delivers more vaccum, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets.
  4. Deodorising.

Budget Package Carpet Cleaning Prices:

  • 2 bedrooms from $110.00
  • 3 bedrooms from $132.00
  • 4 bedrooms from $154.00
  • Commercial and larger areas – phone talk to one of our consultants today on 1300 136 365.

For a more precise quote for your Brisbane home or office, fill out our today!

5-Step Regular Carpet Cleaning System

The Regular Carpet Cleaning Package is ideal for general carpet maintenance The Regular Carpet Cleaning System in an eight step process including:

  1. Pre-inspection and spot and stain survey.Professional advice and evaluation of your carpets.
  2. Pre-vacuum with industrial up-right, hospital grade filtration. Dry vacuuming will remove more than 70% of dry soil
  3. Pre-conditioning and spotting (some spots and stains extra.
  4. Deodorising

Regular Package Carpet Cleaning Prices:

  • 2 bedrooms from $154.00
  • 3 bedrooms from $176.00
  • 4 bedrooms from $198.00
  • Commercial and larger areas – phone and talk to one of our consultants today on1300 136 365.

For a more precise quote for your Brisbane office or home, fill out our today!

8-Step Restorative Carpet Cleaning System

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