Big Red Carpet Cleaning Port Macquarie

Carpet Cleaning / May 25, 2022


RUGS – cleaning

From the precious oriental rugs through to more contemporary style rugs, we have specialised cleaning, protection and stain treatments to enhance and protect your rugs. On diagnosis of your rug we will determine the condition and type of fibre and dyes used in its construction to be able to advise you of an individual and safe cleaning process specific to your rug.

Rugs we specialise in are: suede, woven, traditional, Persian, Ukrainian, Moroccan, Turkish, Japanese bamboo, Oriental, South American, handmade, hatsul, Berber, cow hide, Marrakesh, silk, luxury antique style and many more.


With our entire specialised rug cleaning treatments your rug will definitely go under a minimum 10 step process.

  • Pre inspection: We examine your rug and look for degeneration due to aging, discolouration, shrinking, check for unstable dyes – running, balling, permanent stains and odours as well as any issues you may have. These will be noted to you.
  1. Testing: we test for dyes that are not colour fast and may run.
  2. Vacuum: we do this on both sides of your carpet using specialised machinery.
  3. Pre Treatment: wWe spot stains before starting the full pre spray treatment.
  4. Pre spray: we spray your carpet with the specific treatment that is safe and made for your specific rug.
  5. Rinsing: this treatment is specific to the type of rug.
  6. Hot water extraction: this applies once again to specific rugs and not all.
  7. Encapsulated: on specific rugs only.
  8. Fully immersed clean in water bath: only to specific rugs.
  9. Grooming: this is like brushing your hair to set the pile of the rug in its natural fall.
  10. Dry cleaning: this action is done with bonnets to speed up drying and on certain rugs.
  11. Drying: this process is where we use commercial dryers to speed up up the drying process.
  12. Vacuumed again to remove any further loose particles
  13. Residue rinse: this is where we apply a specialised chemical that will neutralise any residue left on your rug from any above process leaving your rug soft to the touch and retarding re-soiling.
  14. Fringe restoration if needed
  15. Odour control: upon your request. Specific chemicals are used to breakdown specific odours.
  16. Protection: upon your request. A protector i.e. Scotch guard is applied in order to prolong the carpet’s life and keep it in pristine condition.
  17. Final inspection: We will thoroughly inspect your rug before delivery and give it the tick of approval.

We can also provide specialised stain treatments, pet odour treatments and recondition water and smoke damaged rugs.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – CARPETS & RUGS – . If you have any other questions please contact BIG RED Cleaning & Pest Management

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