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Dry Carpet Cleaning / March 10, 2020

green carpet cleaning northridge caDo you need some carpet cleaning advice? We've got you covered! From the best tips on removing blood stains to essential practices every rug owner should be using, you carpets and upholstery will be glad you took a look. At Delta Chem-Dry we like to see ourselves as more than a carpet cleaning company but a resource to help you maintain the cleanest home possible. We hope you enjoy!

Carpet Protectant Eliminates Spots and Worries!

Most people take pride in the way their home looks. Making sure your carpet is looking its best is critical to your indoor living space. Its color, condition, style, and cleanliness can reflect a lot about who you are. As your carpet gets older, the stain resistant-treatments applied in the factory begin to lessen in their effectiveness. Carpets that do not...

The Benefits of Using A Green Carpet Cleaning Company

We know that there are hundreds of professional carpet cleaning companies out there. Most people look for a carpet cleaning company that delivers great results at a price they can afford. What if you could get those results you’re looking for, while using an eco-friendly company that is safe for you and your family? You can - just choose a Green carpet cleaning company! There are many reasons why you should use an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company. One of the main reasons is that these types of companies use green cleaning products that do ...

cleaning and sanitizing your furnitureUsing Rugs in Small Spaces

Decorate the small living spaces in your home with area rugs! They not only provide colorful designs to your home, but they also add a nice touch of warmth and coziness to smaller spaces. Another benefit of rugs is that they are much more affordable than installing carpet in those spaces. We think that rugs are a perfect choice for homeowners who want to add depth and design to their space, without costing them a fortune. We recommend choosing a rug with a color and design that will make the room look bigger than it actually is. Picking the rug that is the right size and shape is important too.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Old Furniture

While searching for used furniture at garage sales and consignment stores may be fun, you never know what germs or bacteria you might be bringing into your home. There are plenty of places to find great deals on used furniture, but even if you’re inheriting the furniture from a friend or relative, it’s still important to rid these special pieces of any grime or odors that may be lingering on the fabrics.

clean your area rugsStains That Always Reappear

Let’s see if this sounds familiar - something gets spilled on the carpet, you clean it up and it looks as good as new. Then, a few days later, the stain reappears. You may feel frustrated, especially when you have gone over the spot many times. In order to address this issue the correct way, you need to have a basic understanding of what is actually happening.

Keeping Your Area Rugs Clean

To protect the look of the carpet in high traffic areas, many people choose to place area rugs down. Since these rugs get a lot of traffic, how do you protect them from wear and tear? It may seem difficult to do, but there are actually some great tips below to help keep your rugs looking their best. Proper upkeep, care, and attention are some of the best ways to keep your rugs looking like they did on the day you bought them.

Clean Your Carpets Before Moving Into a New Home

advantages of using carpet protectantPurchasing a new home is an exciting time for you and your family, but also brings a lot of added stress. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the never-ending tasks of painting, moving, cleaning, and organizing. You want your home to be in the best condition possible before you move in, and having your carpets professionally cleaned can give you peace of mind in knowing your new home is fresh and clean.

A Fool-Proof Guide to Loving Your Leather Furniture

You love your leather couch. It steals the show in your home. It fact, it’s kind of the highlight of your entire living room. So, the question shouldn’t be, “What is your leather furniture doing for you, ” but instead, “What are you doing for your leather furniture?” Take care of your leather furniture the right way to really show it how much you care. Here’s a guide to show you just how to accomplish just that.

Take Care of Your Home and the Planet

There’s something comforting about going into a supermarket, and being able to pick from a dozen different cleaning products. Doesn’t it feel nice to know that you have a large variety of disinfectant wipes, window cleaner, and flea repellant available to you for perusal? That is, until you look at the fine print and notice that all of these convenient cleaning products in question are harmful to the health of your home.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Couch

Here at Delta Chem-Dry we know how important a family pet can be; however, their hair can be a nuisance. If your pet’s shedding is causing embarrassment or discomfort in your home, you’re not the only one. While many people use vacuuming as their main way to maintain their furniture, relying on a specific approach to clean deeply embedded hair will save you time and money in the long run.

remove pet hair from couch using rugs in small spaces Best way to maintain wool rugs advantages of using carpet protectant

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