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Professional Carpet Cleaning / December 20, 2019

This was my first experience in hiring professional carpets cleaners and I have to say that I'm throughly impressed with this company and its values which include quality of service and customer satisfaction.

My dog had an accident on our carpet and after trying to clean it up I decided to call for backup. Their service was offered the very same day and the technicians were friendly and "welcoming". They were quick and efficient, mindful of my dog and sleeping baby. All and all they did a wonderful job!

Well, turns out my dog was still "under the weather" and made another small mess on the same carpet the very next day.uhg! I called them back to see what would be my cheapest option for a "spot clean". They lady I spoke with was very sweet and helpful. She emailed her supervisor to see what my options were. Her supervisor called me back the very next morning and kindly offered me a free cleaning service. This was completely unexpected yet very much appreciated.