Carpet Dry Cleaning Perth

Dry Carpet Cleaning / April 15, 2018

Electrodry Carpet Cleaning Perth - Steam vs Dry CleaningYears ago, Electrodry invested in research to discover new processes, techniques and cleaning solutions that revolutionised carpet cleaning. These discoveries have enabled Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning Perth to clean carpets in a way that leaves them walk-on dry and with superior stain removal.

So what is the difference?

The primary difference between the two systems is the amount of water that’s used during the process. Both systems can achieve great results but they are dependent on the technician, the chemicals and the equipment that’s used.

Steam Cleaning

carpet steam cleaningSteam cleaning is also called hot water extraction cleaning and works by injecting hot water into the carpet, under high pressure and then extracting it out again. As the water is extracted, the dirt and soiling will be extracted with it leaving the carpet clean.

A good steam cleaning technician will pre-vacuum to remove dry dirt and debris. This step is often missed with steam cleaners however, and when not done, results in the dirt turning to mud and being more difficult to extract. The technician should also pre-treat the carpets with a spray that breaks down the surface tension of the carpet fibres, enabling the water and chemicals to penetrate deeply. If he takes the time to agitate the carpet and extract the water properly then the results can be very effective.

The major disadvantage of the steam clean is the time it takes for the carpet to dry. It can take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours to dry and in some cases, it can take days. Also, if the technician has not effectively pre-treated the carpet prior to hot water extraction, it can be ineffective at removing oily residues which are the dark stains on the carpet often found in high traffic areas. Sometimes it may look as if the stain has been removed but the residue remains, and dirt will quickly stick to the same spot and the stain will reappear.

Dry Cleaning

The Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning process always begins with a pre-vacuum with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner to remove the dry dirt and debris from deep down in the carpet fibres. A normal strength vacuum cleaner can only remove 60% of the dirt in the carpet so the first step is to remove as much of the remaining 40% as possible.