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Carpet Cleaning / September 7, 2023

There’s nothing like clean and neat home to brighten up your day from the very morning, you know. Yes sir-e bob, there’s a million reasons to be absolutely happy living in a clean hose! A great part of that happiness comes from such trifles as keeping the upholstery and floor coverings fresh, neat and healthy. This is why it’s more than important to take a good care about all textile-based parts of your home interior!

When it comes to the most reliable ways to refresh your floors and upholstery as well as make them last much longer, the best thing you can do is to hire a team of professional cleaners working in Real Deal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning agency. What makes those guys so special? Years of successful experience in providing hi-quality cleaning services to quite impressive range of customers, of course! In short, the company specializes in hi-tech textile-cleaning techniques most suitable for huge variety of styles and brands modern floor and furniture coverings can boast of. And not only that! The common list of services you can order from RDCarpetCleaning consists of the following points:

  • carpet cleaning;
  • tile cleaning;
  • upholstery cleaning;
  • DuPont™ Teflon® stain protection;
  • water damage restoration;
  • pet odor and stain removal;
  • carpet repair and stretching;

In other words, we got everything, starting from brains and technologies, to make your home shine with cleanliness and freshness for a long time. Care, strong qualifications and sensible customer policy are the main key points of our success!

Now, it’s about time for you to know the answer to this question! According to the recent report provided by the ALA (American Lung Association), all that dust and dirt that accumulate in your carpets, rugs, and furniture coverings over time can affect (adversely, of course) all house residents’ health. So, to get rid of potential troublemakers and save your family from the “bad air, ” you should regularly clean all textile components of your home interior including upholstery and floor coverings. As for other benefits that come along with regular carpet cleaning, you should consider the following benefits of a clean floor:

  • carpet cleaning reduces the risks of dust mite invasion. Believe it or not, but many houses in your neighborhood are exposed daily to the invasion of dust mites, microscopic rascals that are fond of living in dusty rugs, carpets and upholstery. Actually this kind of mites itself is absolutely harmless to human beings. Unfortunately mites’ droppings and dead skin are known as worst allergens able to turn your life into a pure nightmare. However, professional carpet cleaners use special technique called steam cleaning that exposes textile items to high temperature deadly for dust mites;
  • carpet cleaning removes trapped air pollutants. A dirty floor covering not only looks disgusting but also pollutes your indoor atmosphere filling it with various allergens such as pets’ feces particles, roach dead skin and body parts, “common” dirt and dust. Those “foreign object” absorb and trap airborne toxins which makes everyday traffic inside your house quite dangerous as every time you step on a dirty carpet or rug, you release a small cloud of harmful gases. Luckily this problem can be solved by using special shampoos and heavy duty vacuum cleaners;