Need to Remove Throw Up Odors? How to Clean Vomit Stains from

How to clean throw up on carpet?

Carpet Cleaning / March 1, 2023

Vomit on carpet can be a stomach-churning disaster in any home. Do you know how to deal with it without losing your own molly-maid_how-to-clean-vomit-out-of-carpet_blog-hero lunch? With cold and flu season in full swing and family members likely to overindulge in holiday treats, you may want to learn a few cleaning tricks!

What’s the easiest way to clean vomit out of your carpet?

Grab some disposable gloves and a dust or surgical mask to help prevent accidental brushes with icky substances and to lessen the stench factor while cleaning vomit:

Clean Quickly

Use a dustpan to scrape up as much of the vomit as possible. For smaller messes, you may be able to clean vomit away with a spoon – one you don’t mind disposing of later!

Soak Up the Smell

Blot vomit on carpet with rags or paper towels, absorbing as much of the moisture as possible to prevent lingering odors.

Dry It Out

Cover the wet area with baking soda, then let it sit for 15 minutes to absorb the excess moisture you were unable to remove with the paper towels.

Remove It

Vacuum up as much of the baking soda as possible to further remove vomit on carpet. A wet/dry vac or carpet shampooer can make this task much easier – and more effective. Just don’t forget to change the vacuum cleaner bag or clean out the canister thoroughly afterward.


Apply a pet stain product or enzyme-based cleaner to kill any lingering odors. These detergents better breakdown odor-causing proteins so they can be completely removed. If you don’t have these on hand, a vinegar and dish soap solution can also be used. Apply a liberal amount to clean vomit and remove completely. Blot it dry again with clean rags or paper towels and allow to air dry. Repeat if smells remain.

Don’t Delay

If you’re sick, tired, or quite frankly strongly considering the possibility of feigning ignorance until your spouse or significant other can deal with it, don’t. The longer vomit on carpet sits and festers, the harder it will be to remove stains and smells, and the more they will permeate your home, potentially forcing you onto the vomit brigade.