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Carpet Cleaning / November 16, 2023

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning has been Birmingham’s best choice for commercial and residential rug, upholstery, and carpet cleaning since 1990. Our patented CitruSolution cleaning formula uses natural citrus extract to neutralize and break down dirt and stains in your carpet, keeping your floors cleaner longer.

No Harmful Chemicals

The award-winning CitruSolution process uses minimal moisture, so we don’t pump gallons of chemicals and water into your home. Our citrus-based solution smells great and dries quickly, and our customers are always impressed by how long the freshness lasts.

No Sticky Re-Soiling Residue

Traditional carpet cleaners use soap-based cleansers that soak carpets and leave a sticky residue behind. The film on the carpet fibers attracts dirt and causes old stains to reappear, so the “clean” appearance doesn’t last long.

Our patented carpet cleanser is natural and safe for everyone in your family, including babies and pets. Because we take an all-natural approach, the CitruSolution carpet cleaning process cleans better, dries faster, and smells fresher! Best of all, your carpet will stay cleaner longer with CitruSolution.

  • Are you sick of carpet spots that keep coming back?
  • Do you hate having damp, smelly carpets after they have been “cleaned”?
  • Are you worried about harming your family with harmful chemicals?
  • Are you tired of carpets looking dirtier after paying to have them cleaned?
  • Are you frustrated about paying more than estimated?
  • Are you finished with fine print?

If you answer agree with any or all of these questions, CitruSolution Birmingham is the carpet cleaning company for you. Send us a message or call