The Most Stylish along with Lovely Carpet Cleaning Alexandria Va

Carpet Cleaning Services Alexandria VA

Carpet Cleaning / October 25, 2022

500 Montgomery St
Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 298-1446

Great service and price. Note that the address is not a real thing - they don't have a store front and only work with pickup and delivery.

I wish I could give 10-stars!! Owner was VERY communicative - he got back to me with a quote quickly and offered to pick up my 4 rugs the next morning, a Saturday. He gave me an exact pickup time. That morning was going to be about 5 minutes late and texted to let me know. Drop off was supposed to be Thursday but he called Monday evening to let me know they would be ready Tuesday if I wanted them earlier. Worked out great for us as we were moving and this would get the rugs in before the furniture. Movers were coming at 8AM he dropped the rugs off at the new address at 7:15AM. He was careful not to track morning dew on the floors - walking the long way from his car to our house instead of over a little patch of grass. Rugs were placed in the rooms. Work was great! He told me about one little stain that didn't come out (not surprising the rugs are 16 years old, and have never been cleaned, plus I have 4 cats). Owner gave me a few tips on what to use to get stains out if I spill something... Overall terrific job! Great work, rugs came out beautifully!; great communication and pick up/delivery awesome and convenient!!! Highly recommend this company!

Great service, honest pricing, quick turnaround, very accommodating. Steve, the owner, came to my house on President's Day to pick up four rugs and had them back to me five days later, fresh, clean, and bright. He let me know in advance that one stain and a few pressure marks might not come out. He got most of the stain out, and the pressure marks were not bad at all. He was great about scheduling both pick up and drop off times - He provided a one-hour window during which he would arrive, and he was true to his word.

5 stars all around, courteous, professional and punctual. Plus of course they restored a water damaged rug to near new condition. Highly recommend.

Amazing service. Requested a carpet cleaning - Steve came the next day, picked my carpets up, and delivered them fresh and clean 2 days later. They looked incredible. Thank you so much!!

Steve is a rock star. After disappointing and frustrating experiences with more well known services in Alexandria I wanted to give Steve a shot. He was communicative and transparent, making sure to alert me that my rug was larger (and dirtier) than i had described and thus the cost would be more than originally estimated. Steve could teach a lot of folks about great customer service.

The owner did a great job at communication of the process. The rug that he had was not a cheap or inexpensive rug. It was cashmere and silk and he removed the dog stain to the point where it wasn't there. Very professional, courteous and prompt. He also gave a great deal for a CASH payment option. The return time was also earlier than anticipated.

I contacted this place based on good reviews here. If you have carpets that need to be cleaned, you should too. Pick up was fast, my rugs came back earlier than expected and they looked fantastic. Will definitely call them again when needed.

Steve was wonderful right from the start. Got back to me quickly with a quote, extraordinary communication and service. He came the next morning to pick up my rug and had it back to us in 3 days! It looked brand new when he brought it back. I will recommend him every chance I get. Absolutely wonderful job!

Excellent customer service! I called last week after deciding at the last minute to have a 100% wool 9x12 carpet cleaned before moving. Steve replied by text within minutes and came a few hours later to pick up the rug (Saturday morning). We just get it back, as promised, on Thursday morning, just in time to load it into the moving truck. I haven't seen the cleaned rug, but trust that it's in great shape so I'm giving 5 stars in advance. Steve couldn't have made this a better experience - highly recommend!

I had 32 hand-knotted rugs that REALLY needed cleaned. Kingstown collected them, assessed what needed to be done and the price, and once I gave the go-ahead, they went to work. A week later, they delivered the rugs, each tagged and wrapped, and each perfectly cleaned and deodorized (they had been wrapped with mothballs). The price was quite reasonable. I will definitely call them when I need rugs cleaned again.

I had great service from and communication with Steve and would recommend him to anyone. I brought two handmade and "antique" (in the sense that they had been previously used) rugs home from Morocco. They are roughly 4x5 feet each. I left a voicemail with him early on a Saturday and we arranged for a pick up and price within an hour. He came to pick up the rugs and delivered them personally the following Wednesday morning. His staff treated the rugs carefully but thoroughly and removed the musty smell. The original colors remained intact. He gave me some tips on cleaning and pet stains as I have a cat. I especially appreciate his prompt and honest communication. He really cares about good, honest service.

After reading the glowing reviews on Yelp, I knew this was the only place I could trust. After a painstaking one year renovation / addition on my small home in Old Town (the new Harris Teeter that is being built from the ground up down the street will be open before my house is completed...), I needed furniture, rugs and pillows thoroughly cleaned. Steve is so professional, explaining everything and giving me detailed instructions on the drying process. I am SOOOO happy with the results, price and quality of work. Also believe in supporting local businesses. Steve is wonderful about communicating and responding to emails and texts. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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