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Eventually, every carpet goes from being “clean enough” to “too dirty.” Maybe it’s a dramatic, sudden spill that pushes it over the edge or it could be a gradual build up of dirt and oils over the course of many months. Whatever the cause, your home is left stuck with dirty carpets.

Except it isn’t! Oxi Fresh of Pittsburgh Carpet Cleaning can turn back time and make sad-looking carpets look and feel years younger! Our expert technicians will use Oxi Fresh’s powerful, green cleaning system to reach deep into the carpet, removing dirt, breaking down absorbed oils, and extracting ground-in debris.

An Oxi Fresh cleaning is incredibly thorough and leaves carpets looking and feeling fresh. Best of all, thanks to Oxi Fresh’s low moisture system, you don’t have to deal with long, 24-hour dry times. Once your appointment is over, your carpets should dry in just one hour!

A green, effective, fast-drying cleaning is just a call away - don’t let your carpets and upholstery languish any longer. Call Oxi Fresh or use our Online Scheduler today!

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

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Andy the tech who provided our services was prompt, courteous, careful of our property, did a great job. In fact we cannot think of any way he could have improved our job within our contract. The products you use are very efficient, did exactly the cleaning level you promised and don't have an unpleasant smell. We were able to use the carpet almost immediately and didn't have to have open windows and turn on fans to get the carpet to dry. Nina who made the appointment for our cleaning was also excellent - good employees are great representatives of a good company and these two are great examples.. We are very pleased and will recommend your company to our friends in exactly the same manner and with the same enthusiasm as a friend recommended you to us.Andy didn't have any of the complimentary spot remover with him but promised to send it to us as soon as it is available. We'll be looking forward to receiving it to keep our rugs looking as good as they do now until our next cleaning.

C.B. - Pittsburgh, PA -

( - Pittsburgh, PA -

( 3.5 / 5 stars )

It was quick a nd good.

J.M. - Pittsburgh, PA -

( 5 / 5 stars )

Great service, thorough, clean, prompt, & friendly!

B.H. - Pittsburgh, PA -